Energy Audit
Commercial Sector

Description: Financial Institute Building

Total Area: 1,323 m2
Estimated Total Savings: 6,975 BHD/Year

Description: Commercial Department Store

Total Area: 1,632 m2
Estimated Total Saving: BHD 6,257/Year

Description: Commercial Mall

Total Area: 2,500 m2
Estimated Total Saving: BHD 2,250/Year

Industrial Sector

Description: Ship Yard Industry

Total Area: 1,440,000 m2
Estimated Total Saving: BHD 225,000/Year

Solar PV System
Residential Sector

Description: Private Villa Solar Rooftop

System size: 12.4 kWp

Description: Private Villa Solar Car Parking Shade

Carport size: 5 cars

Total Peak Generation: 10 kWp

Governmental Entities

'Tarsheed Energy' is  part of [ solar energy survey for 40 government buildings ] project in collaboration with Sustainable Energy Center "SEC", as several procedures were made such as site visits, conducting surveys followed by some designs to indicate the validity of the site to place solar panels.

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