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How to save energy and lower electricity bills at home during the summer

With summer approaching and the pandemic still around, most people are choosing to spend their summers in the Kingdom and are looking for creative ways to enjoy their time. As the weather continues to get hotter, electricity is inevitably being consumed in excessive amounts indoors. Appliances, electronics and air conditioners work harder and for longer periods of time resulting in increased energy consumption and higher electricity bills.

There are many simple changes you can do to consume less energy during the summer, save money on your monthly electricity bills at your facility as well as protect the environment. These changes, although simple, can make a huge difference.

Air conditioner

o Setting your thermostat on 24 degrees Celsius or higher saves a significant amount of energy. Each degree increase may save around 3% of electricity.

o Window curtains and blinds help prevent heat from entering your home. This enables air conditioners to work less and keeps your home feeling cool. In addition to curtains, by installing window films, you rely less on air conditioners to keep your space feeling cool which contributes to lower utility bills.

o Regular maintenance of your air conditioner increases its efficiency, saves energy and lowers costs on bills.


o Switch to LED lights. They are much more efficient and consume 25 – 80% less electricity, generate less heat and have a longer life span.

o Turn off unnecessary outdoor lights during sleeping hours.


o Do not open your oven very often to look at your food when baking; this habit causes the temperature to drop, and energy is wasted in the process. Instead, keep your oven light on, and use a timer.

o Do not open your fridge frequently during the day.

o Wait until your hot food has cooled before storing it inside the fridge.

o Cover all your foods when they are placed inside the fridge, as moisture released from foods will cause the compressor to work harder which uses more energy.

o Your TV and videos games consume energy when they are on standby. Make sure to turn them off.


o Make sure you use the washing machine when it is a full load, as it uses up the same amount of energy during each wash.

o Hang your clothes to air dry instead of using the dryer.

Give Tarsheed Energy a call today on 33607121 to learn more about energy efficiency and to lower your electricity bills.


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