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Benefits of conducting an energy audit for your facility

With rising electricity tariffs, there is a need for energy management improvement in order to reduce and control electricity consumption. Electricity is used in large amounts throughout most of the months in the year resulting in higher monthly bills. Electricity wastage also has harmful effects on the environment. An energy audit provides many important benefits which will be looked at below.

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit helps identify and understand issues related to the interior and exterior of a facility that affect energy efficiency, performance as well as comfort. Your facility comprises of different systems working together, and so an issue that occurs in one area may result in issues occurring in other areas as well. An energy audit identifies exactly what needs to be done in order for the facility to work more efficiently and thus lowering total energy bills. Conducting an energy audit is just as important as going for a health checkup or taking a car for maintenance.

What happens during an audit?

An energy audit identifies the issues, practices and habits that may be occurring at the facility that you were not aware of and finding where exactly energy is being wasted as a whole. It then detects areas that need to be enhanced or improved.

Auditors will subsequently provide a report which includes a detailed analysis as well as a list of recommendations and improvements with ways in which costs at your facility can be reduced. All recommendations will have a payback period.

What are the areas that are inspected during an energy audit?

During an energy audit, the areas of a facility that are inspected include: air quality, insulation, HVAC systems, water heating systems, lighting systems as well as the efficiency of appliances.

What are the benefits of an energy audit?

1. Cost

An energy audit has significant financial benefits. When your facility becomes more energy efficient, you begin to save electricity and reduce costs on monthly energy bills. Audits may save up to 30% of your total utility bills.

2. Environment

An energy audit helps you reduce overall energy consumption which has a significant impact on the environment. You will increase the efficiency of electricity consumption which will decrease the use of electricity from fossil fuels which consequently helps lower the carbon footprint of your facility. This is the most basic step towards saving our planet from the pressing environmental issues that the world faces today.

3. Air quality, comfort and safety

Your facility becomes safer. Health and safety hazards are identified such as the wiring and functioning of carbon monoxide detectors. Insulation and ventilation issues that may exist in the building of the facility will also be improved. You will notice improved indoor air quality and more consistent temperatures which will improve the overall comfort at the home or workplace. As a result, human productivity will be enhanced due to improved air quality.

Individuals will additionally know how to use appliances efficiently which will help increase their lifespan. Old equipment may also be replaced by newer and safer equipment.

4. Value of your facility

Energy audits contribute to a higher property value, as your facility is better maintained, becomes more energy efficient and saves on overall energy bills.

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